Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UMNO in trouble, says former UMNO chief propagandist

Former group editor of UMNO's New Straits Times A. Kadir Jasin said UMNO members were currently in dilemma over the no-contest call for the party’s top two posts in the upcoming party election.

“To the public and the press, they agree that the top two positions should not be contested, ostensibly to prevent a split.

"...But they are despising, condemning and badmouthing. They protest against the top two posts not being contested,” wrote Kadir in a blog posting.

Under the new rule, Kadir said aspiring candidates must announce which post they are aiming for.

“For that, we understand the person who is worst affected by this dilemma is the number two man (Muhyiddin Yassin, UMNO deputy president),” he added.

Kadir said he was convinced UMNO president Najib Razak would defend his position despite having performed worse than his predecessor Abdullah Badawi, who was forced to resign as UMNO president and prime minister after the 2008 general election.

“Has Muhyiddin, the person who showed the exit door to Abdullah, who had won 140 seats in Parliament, overlooked that Najib had actually performed worse?” chided Kadir.

Kadir said UMNO members should evaluate carefully who saved the party during the last general election.

“Was it the UMNO president or UMNO's rural supporters who feared about the Malays if PR won and DAP emerged the strongest party?” he asked, referring to the oft repeated claim by BN tha PR's victory would be disastrous to Malays.

Kadir also chided non-Muslims 'hypocrisy' in supporting Najib to remain as UMNO president, saying the latter had blamed the Chinese for BN’s performance.

But he added that the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, would not want to see a strong UMNO and government as it would make it harder for them to make demands. -HD

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