Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dr M: UMNO devoid of capable leaders

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who spearheaded the BN campaign during the just concluded general election which saw the coalition scraping through victory, said UMNO was now a party for its leaders only.

“UMNO is perceived as - and indeed this is true - struggling for the interests of a few people in its folds and its members. UMNO is about fighting for position and ranks, for enriching oneself, for bounties and for one's pocket,” lamented Mahathir, writing in his blog.

The former UMNO president further lashed out at the party, saying its leaders had now turned to seeking less capable individuals to protect their own positions in the party.

He said the leaders were driven by the fear of more capable people challenging them and taking over the party, and hence the possibility of facing challenge in the party was deliberately hindered.

He added the lack of capable leaders in UMNO manifested itself during the recent polls, where the party found it difficult to nominate its candidates.

“Capable parachute candidates would be defeated. Ultimately, government leaders will be among those not capable," stressed Mahathir, while admitting that the brain drain had benefited opposition parties which welcomed talented members. -HD

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