Friday, 4 January 2013

SAPP To Reduce Nomber Of Seat?

THE MORE that Anwar bringing into the so called Pakatan Rakyat the more difficult it is for the opposition front on the allocation of seats. Each group wanted to have more by claiming their strength and winnability including those only recently left BN to join the opposition front in the form of NGOs.

The fact is NGO is NGO and not political party. So the question is how would these NGOs participate in the elections, what symbol s do they use. If they are to use PKR’s symbol they need to get the approval from PKR president so to say these NGOs are subject to the mercy of PKR. Therefore it is fair to say PKR will give priority to their own members and leaders when it comes to the selection of candidates.

If DSP Lajim could not get BN leaders to listen to him, how does he expect Anwar to pay attention to his demands? So is DSP Wilfred Bumburing. If the two gentlemen’s cooperating with PR is for the sake of Sabah then they must get PR to spell out some terms and condition particularly the solutions to resolve the illegal immigrants, restoration of the 20-points, participation of Sabah representatives in the Petronas and not just participation in one of the subsidiary companies. Please must sure cooperation with the PR is worth something for Sabah and taking things away from Sabah.

My worry is now that the two NGOs is officially with PR and need to use PKR symbol, there is really very little they can demand or speak up for Sabah because the boss is PR.

Unlike STAR and SAPP which is free from this bondage, they can decide what is best for Sabah and I think what it is meant by autonomy.

Autonomy is something Sabah has got very little left. BN is both Federal and State Government. The UMNO decides who to become the chief minister. When the big boss in KL control the cabinet they also get to control the administration of the State which means the State has no real sense of power, not even over land and immigration matter. That leads to lands dispute and high number of new citizens.

Assuming PR took over the Federal and State government of Sabah and they get to decide the members of the cabinet and the full control of the State. He fate of Sabah again is in the hands of KL leaders from PKR, DAP and PAS. Is this what Sabah people wants?

Absolute power leads to absolute corruption. To strike a balance, check and control, we can still choose to have local parties to form the state government while leaving the federal government to the national parties. The State keeps it rights enshrined in the constitutions without subjecting to the influence of the Federal and likely Sabah will shine again and the people lives with dignity.

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