Wednesday, 24 October 2012

UMNO Condoning Corruption

IN response to Kota Belud MP, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan on RM40 million donation to Umno, I feel his admission that it is not wrong for political party to recieve donation from any individual, the Kota Belud is implying that UMNO in and of itself is condoning corruption.

His admission also leave many unanswered questions. Such as Where did the money came from? Is the money tax-exempted or Did the donor paid income tax on the money donated?
If the money was meant to be donated to UMNO, Why was it remitted into an individual and personal bank account? Why was others, especially family members and children of an UMNO leader were able to withdraw the money from the said accounts bit by bit? Was the withdrawal approved by UMNO?

In as far as APS is concerned, and well understood by the people of Sabah, UMNO is BN and BN is UMNO. UMNO dictates everything in the overall policy adopted by BN. With this admission, UMNO condones corruption at its highest level and thus is condone by BN as well.

With this admission, it also proves that there may exist other form of corrupt practices condoned by BN-UMNO and it is for this very reason that the people have lost confidence in the BN government and that the people of Sabah as a whole should make a wise decision by voting for a change. A vote for Pakatan Rakyat would be a vote for a change in the Federal Government after the next general election.


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