Saturday, 14 July 2012

The People Can Vote The Government Out

SABAH DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said that he is very perplexed and wondered how a learned and experience veteran politician Datuk Marcus Mojigoh who is the Member of Parliament for Putatan can said that voting out BN is not a solution.

Edward said all countries that practiced democratic system the people has the right to vote the government out if they are not satisfied with the way the country is being governed.
The proper way for the BN government to find out why the people showed lots of anger is to go through studies the way on how the BN government administers the country instead of asking the people not to vote BN out from the government.

Asking the people to put forward idea on how the government should be run is actually exposing the real weakness of the BN government as this showed that the BN elected representative has ran out of idea on how the government should be run, and failed to carry out their responsibilities that the people entrusted to them.

Of course it is not wrong to ask the people to put forward ideas on how the government should be run, but the question is, will any or some of the ideas going to be implemented.

It must be remembered that for the last three years the opposition parties has many time pinpointed in the media many of the unattended bad roads, blocked drains, broken slab and many others, but with some being made good and the rest still waiting to be put right there. However, the worst scenario is the power cut which has made the people very angry.

The people got very angry when the government suddenly announced to implement big projects without first consulting them to find out their views. Such big projects are Koiduan Dam in Penampang/Papar, Tambutuan Dam in Kota Belud and Coal Power Plant in Lahad Datu.

This sort of action of the government clearly showed that the elected representatives of that area failed to carry out their duties which have been entrusted to them by the people. In some cases, these lead the rakyat to resort to demonstration to show their dissatisfaction and anger towards the government.

Many other big issues that has not been resolved such as the Land Native Customary Right and land grabs that really affecting the welfare and well-being of the people especially the Native of Sabah. Some cases are still pending the court decision.

A few years back if was exposed by the media that even a grave yard in Inaman has been applied by someone and whether this case has been solved or not is anybody guesses.

So Edward said with the aforesaid issues which still exist and is seemed to be no solution in sight, so what is the purpose of asking the people to put forward ideas how to run the government.

Of course the government can said the land problem has been partially solved by creating the Communal Tittles but this has not been well received by the people, he added.


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