Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sabah Lost All Its Cattle Under PBS

DAP Sabah Secretary Dr. Edwin Bosi said as an MP for several terms Pairin has failed in his duty miserably and in accordance with the political standard of developed countries he (Pairin) should have tendered his resignation without being asked to.

"Why should the people in the interior suffer because of his poor performance? It is so ironical that the Prime Minister has to come to the interior to resolve the water problem.

"DAP Sabah can see water pipe laying here and there in Sabah but the sources of the water are unclear. What is obvious is the poor coordination between the State and Federal Ministries of infrastructure as far as water supply is concerned."

Edwin also said DAP Sabah is sad that development of handicraft and livestock is only surfacing now.

"They should have been undertaken long ago. In fact they are already handicraft and livestock activities in Sabah.

"It looks like the handicraft centre and livestock centre are given a new "paint" for the sake of the Prime Minister's visit to the interior.

Edwin said DAP Sabah would like to remind the government that Sabah had the largest cattle farm during the PBS era. Desa Cattle, a wholly-owned government company had more than 5,000 heads of cattle in Sook but this was sold off to a company which has since converted the cattle farm into oil palm plantation.

"Sabah used to own three cattle properties in the Northern Territory of Australia. They too have been sold off.

"DAP Sabah would also like to ask the government why it has only 'created' one Datuk Yap Yun Fook through its dairy programme?

"Datuk Yap who is a dairy millionaire was cited by the Prime Minister during his visit to Sook.

What happened to the others especially the natives who were also involved in the dairy programme?

The government should tell the people why the natives have failed in this enterprise.

"We would like to ask if the Keningau Livestock Integrated Centre (KLIC) will benefit the local natives?

"We feel that the local should not just benefit from employment opportunity in KLIC but be part and parcel of the business.

"It is only when they are involved with the business that poverty eradication among the said community can be realised. We would also like to see many dairy millionaires from the native community."


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