Saturday, 5 May 2012

130 Marry Thr Han Dunasty Way

A TOTAL of 130 couples took part in a group wedding held in the ancient way in China. The two-day event was conducted according to the marriage rites of the Han Dynasty (220 BC - 220 AD). It was held in Xi'an of Shaanxi Province on Tuesday, for the third consecutive year.
To start the ceremony, the couples first gathered at Tang Paradise to participate in a ritual on Monday.

Wearing the red Han costume, the couples watched a musical show before the "Emperor and Empress" showed up to give their blessings.

At 5am the next day, the couples – dressed in Han wedding attires – attended the wedding ceremony at Xi'an Circumvallation.

The couples also took vows to do their best in protecting and preserving the over 600-year-old city wall of Xi'an.

To ensure everything was done according to Han customs, the organiser engaged experts and scholars in Han studies as the advisers and they monitored the whole ceremony.

"This was the perfect wedding in my dream and now it has been realised," said Deng Meiyu from Beijing.

Groom Zhang Peng said the wedding ceremony was very meaningful.

"This enables the young to understand Chinese traditions and culture, and the actual meaning of love," he said. (Agencies)

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