Thursday, 15 March 2012

Phantom Voters Not A Joke! Commission (EC) Chairman said yesterday, 13,000 voters in Sabah remain ‘dubious’, mystery, and cannot remove them.

Latest Sabah’s electoral rolls have 882,000 names and estimated 200,000 of them are dubious, consider the facts below:-

1. Hassnar Ebrahim had testified in Court under oath in the 1999 Likas Election Petition trial (without being challenged), and the gist of it was reproduced in M D Mutalib’s book entitled 'IC Projek- Agenda Tersembunyi Mahathir?- (Chapter 5). The content of this Chapter was posted in few days ago drawing hundreds of comments. This was about what happened in the 80’s regarding ICs issued to foreigners through the back door.

2. Continuation of this treasonous act in the 90’s was revealed by Jabar Khan in 2007 to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity and Harakah papers Jabar Khan disclosed that there was a Sabah Umno Task Force formed in 1991 and its job was to recruit foreigners who were then issued Malaysian ICs and then registered as Umno members and registered in Sabah electoral roll.

3. Datuk Radin Malleh in June 1995 in Parliament had asked for the identity of owners of the following old ICs’ numbers;-

H0288001 to H0384000

H0480001 to H0576000

H0609601 to H0610000

H0658001 to H0658200

H0658401 to H0659000

H0666001 to H0666400

Parliament did not entertain him.

4. In the 1999 Likas Election Petition trial, I exhibited proofs that phantom voters in Likas constituency then (and in Sabah generally) were holders of ICs with their old numbers as shown in (3) above. The Judge stated that the evidence adduced was tip of an iceberg and the judgment was in my favour.

Until today EC did not expunged these names with the above stated old IC numbers except 20,000 of them in year 2000 but 6,400 of these 20,000 were reinstated in 2002. How arrogant is the EC chairman to say that “the election process in this country is truly fair and winning or losing of a candidate has nothing to do with the EC”?

By : DR CHONG ENG LEONG (sabahkini)

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