Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jawatan Kosong di Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)

MIA is a statutory body established under the Accountants Act, 1967 to regulate and develop the accountancy profession in Malaysia. To date, MIA has 28198 members. MIA’s responsibilities include education and quality assurance as well as enforcement which are carried out to ensure that the credibility of the profession is maintained and that public interest is continuously upheld.

We are now inviting highly motivated and talented candidates to join us in MIA as:

1. Director, Professional Standards and Practices

2. Senior Manager – Accounting & FRSIC

3. Manager/Assistant Manager – Auditing Investigation

4. Manager/Assistant Manager – MPDC

5. Assistant Manager – Public Practice

6. Assistant Manager – Finance

7. Assistant Manager – Communications (Branding & Public Relations)

8. Assistant Manager – Communications (Media Relations & Writer)

9. Senior Executive – Financial Statements Review

10. Executive Administration (Communications Department)

11. Client Relations Officer

12. Front Desk Assistant – Resources Centre


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