Wednesday, 4 January 2012

eBay Launches New Paypal Access System

eBay Inc. will unveil a service that lets people use their accounts in different Web stores without having to register at each one.

Called PayPal Access, the service will be unveiled at eBay’s X.commerce developer conference in San Francisco. It will be launched with X.commerce, a new eBay Inc. business launching Wednesday geared toward developers and merchants that encourages developers to integrate eBay’s technology into mobile commerce apps. X.commerce merges the software developer communities for, PayPal and eBay-owned e-commerce software company Magento, which together include 850,000 developers.

It’s likely that X.commerce will announce some sort of partnership with Facebook on Wednesday, too. Though eBay wouldn’t divulge any details, Facebook’s platform and mobile marketing director, Katie Mitic, will be a keynote speaker at the conference.


Komen Anda

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